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Amanda Schollard

Fueled by a lifelong obsession with the body in motion, and leveraging her commitment to an embodied, high-flow lifestyle, Amanda's approach is to guide movement and recovery sessions that build profound connection and promote an immersive experience where movement and Self merge seamlessly. Amanda is a professional wind sport athlete, Bodywork Therapist, and Lifestyle Optimization Coach - offering movement classes, peak performance coaching and holistic nutrition programs. She values self-discovery and believes growth and healing evolve from personal experimentation and determination.

My Schedule
18 Saturday
Nothing yet
19 Sunday
09:30 AM
with Amanda Schollard
1 hour and 15 minutes
Flow—Our signature style. A flowing vinyasa-style yoga class that often includes vinyasa, kriya and asana proven to improve strength, cardiovascular health, and flexibility. Most importantly, we teach yoga, not just asana, by including guidance into presence and awareness. This class is appropriate for intermediate levels. You will be given options in each pose so that you feel challenged, yet successful.
20 Monday
Nothing yet
21 Tuesday
Nothing yet
22 Wednesday
06:30 PM
Yin Recovery
with Amanda Schollard
1 hour
A transformative experience that facilitates deep tissue relaxation, stress reduction, and injury prevention. By blending down-regulating breathwork, post-isometric relaxation, myofascial release, and yin yoga postures, Yin Recovery will support you in enhancing mobility and creating a deeper mind-body connection to restore balance and let go of stagnant energy, emotional or otherwise. Open to anyone seeking an immersive experience that encourages total restoration.
23 Thursday
Nothing yet
24 Friday
Nothing yet